"Discover How To EXPLODE Your
Wealth Generators Business With
Our 'Done For You' Sales Funnel!"


The Power Lead System, includes the ability for you to EASILY have your own unique website link to point at a Wealth Generators 'Done For You' Sales Funnel. This will help you get a lot more Subscribers to join your Wealth Generators Business.

* If you are seeing this page and you aren't using the Power Lead System,
recommended by top leaders in Wealth Generators then you can start your Free Trial here:



* Note there are some additional offers you will see when registering and it is your option to buy them or Not.
Many do choose to purchase them for the added education & income opportunity
If you choose to buy them it will add another income stream to your business when folks join from your link as well
as will teach you how to increase your success from home  to support your home business!

Simple Step by Step Instructions for Setting
Up Your 'Done For You' Sales Funnel for Wealth Generators (Which Assumes You Are
Using The Power Lead System)


Step 1 - Log in and Click on the "Getting Started" Button, Then Click
on "Companies You Promote".



Step 2 - Scroll through the list of companies, then then CLICK on "Wealth Generators - 1". This will put a blue background behind your selection (see picture below) then CLICK on the "Click Here to Save" button.


You will then go to a page where you need to Enter Your Unique Wealth Generators link for your selections you made and then click the "Click Here to Save" button.

For example:

If your Wealth Generator Username was "rejda", then you would enter the following and click the SAVE button when done.


Step 3 - Purchase Or Transfer a Domain to Our System:


You'll need to set up a domain with your account (if you haven't already). To do this, you can either
purchase a new domain directly from your back office (easiest), or transfer one that you already own. 

Click on the "Getting Started" button and then click on the button that says 'Add Your Domain':



Follow the simple steps to get your domain
the button will turn from red to green once this step is completed).

* To BRAND yourself, use a domain name such as ... Your Name then SuccessSystem.com ...
For example if your name is Bob Smith, try using www.BobSmithSuccessSystem.com

Step 4 - Enter the Code to Get the Wealth Generators 'Done For You Sales Funnel'. 

Put your mouse on "Websites" (Do NOT Click it) , then on "WebPages" (Do NOT Click it) ,
then Click "My Sharing Codes".


Then Enter the Code 599039-WealthGenerators and thenHit the Submit Button to save (see below).



Step 5 - Point Your Domain to your 'Done For You' Sales Funnel by
clicking on the "Websites" button. For additional Sales Funnels (or pages) that are created for you, you will need either additional
Domains or you can use our Sub Domain Feature (which allows UNLIMITED Sub Domains at NO Cost). To access the Sub Domain feature, put your mouse on the "Websites" button (do NOT click it), then put your mouse on the Domains/SubDomains" button (do NOT click it), then CLICK on "Manage SubDomains".


Then scroll down a little (after clicking on 'Websites') and then for Item 1, Select your domain or sub domain
and then click 
in the "Use this one" circle for "MFG Sales Funnel For You" (see 2nd picture below)
and then click on the 
"Save My Choice" button.


NOTE: If you just bought a domain name, and don't see it in Item 1, allow some time for your 
domain to become active within your system.  It may happen in minutes, or several hours.


Here is a RECAP of what you just did:

Step 1 - Go to "Companies You Promote", select "Wealth Generators - 1" &
enter your unqiue Wealth Generators link.
Step 2 - Purchase or Transfer a Domain to our System
Step 3 - Enter the Sharing Code To Unlock the Wealth Generators 'Done For You Sales Funnel'
Step 4 - Point Your Domain to the Done For Your Sales Funnel


Your funnel is now completely set up and ready to go so start sharing your unique website link that points to your 'Done For You' Wealth Generators Sales Funnel!

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